Erbium / Ytterbium doped fiber

For amplifier and fiber laser around 1.5 µm

Erbium Ytterbium doped fiber is a critical component ideal for high power laser.
iXFiber develops a full range of Erbium Ytterbium doped optcial fibers to address a wide range of fiber lasers.
iXFiber's Erbium Ytterbium doped fiber products have been customized to address the specific requirements of high efficiency and low noise for high power fiber lasers.

Key features :

  • High efficiency
  • High pump and consistent absorption
  • High brightness single mode core
  • Low background losses
  • Large mode area with low NA
  • Multimode background (dB/km): < 50
  • Cladding NA: 0.46
  • Cladding shape: octogonal (non PM) / round (PM)
  • Birefringence & design for PM: > 5.10-5 / Panda
  • Power Conversion Efficiency (PCE) : > 40%
  • Proof test level (kpsi) : 50

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